Kval light cut-out door machine. We also have a Kval Door Handler available as well.

The DL-2 Door Light Cut-Out Door Machine produces rectangular, curved, and multi-light cut-outs in wood or metal doors (up to 16 gauge). Face boring comes standard with a built-in steel template that can be adjusted for backsets from 2⅜” to 2¾”. Steel bars are used to set the X and Y travel limits for rectangular cutouts.

The three-speed cutter head is supported by cross-mounted linear bearing shafts for length and width travel. A Hardinge B3 ½” ID collete is used for accurate tool holding. he DL-2’s design eliminates the need for cut-out templates for rectangular lights since the adjustable stops can be locked directly onto the shaft. The standard pass line height of the DL-2 is 33½”.

2006 KVAL DL-2 Door Light Cut-Out Door Machine