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6" Stroke Jumbo Rivet Buster. Ideal hammer for cleaning concrete truck mixing drums. Powerful enough to bust the remaining concrete out of the rotating drum, but not as likely to damage the drum due to operator error. Equipped with 2101, 2103, 2104, and 2194 accessories to accept 2000 series jumbo chisels.



Part Number   APT-633
Handle Style   Closed D-Handle            
Bore  in 1-3⁄16"
Stroke in 6"
Impact Rate  bpm 1100
Air Consumption  cfm 28
Weight                                        lbs                                             28.9
Length  in 20-3/4"
Shank Size in 2000 Series Jumbo

APT 633 Pneumatic Rivet Buster 6" Stroke